Monday, August 28, 2017

The best place on earth!

When I find myself near the ocean, I just need to see it! As we are driving down to San Francisco, about half an hour away, I can smell the salty, sweet, misty scent of the ocean. The air changes, it gets cooler and more humid and it makes my hairs raise in anticipation of feeling the salty mist that the northern coast is familiar with. The ocean screams home to me...even if I have never lives near it!

In fact, I have to drive three and a half hours or more to discover the nearest coast line to of the downsides living between so many mountain ranges. I am lucky if I am able to get to the sandy shores once a year.

My mom often jokes that my blood is some portion of salt water, or that I must have been a fish in my past. Even when I was a child with no knowledge of geological location and no water in sight, I would start complaining when I smelled that scent on a road trip. I would beg to put my family trip down to southern California aside just to feel the water at my feet. My obsession with the ocean just got stronger as I got older.

I did no know how odd my connection with the beach was until yesterday, when i went with my cousin on a trip to San Francisco. We stopped at a rest stop in Vallejo California and I asked her if she could smell the ocean near by. She was very confused as I tried to explain to her the scent and feel. She smelled nothing. So, I decided that the only way to show her what I meant was to take a detour to the bay.

We stopped in Richmond California, at a well known spot at Richmond point known for its abandoned rail ferry and fishing pier. The pier allowed people to fish without a licence, which was pretty neat! All the men on the pier fishing were also very kind and informative, teaching the kids about bait, halibut and small crabs they tossed back into the bay. Unfortunately, fish from Richmond harbor should not be eaten due to toxic levels of mercury.

All in all, my cousin still thinks I am crazy, but we found a great place to picnic on our trips to discover kingdom! The park was full of lush green grass with bathrooms and water fountain accommodations. Also, you get to take in the sweet smell of the ocean!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Haunted Retirement Homes?

So, if you have ever worked a night shift in a care facility, you know they are haunted. At night, we hear footsteps, creaks, doors opening and closing, whistling, talking, and just general horror movie moments. Most of that is heightened when you remember how many grandmas and grandpas you have witnessed die in the building. 

One area in particular is very haunted at my facility, we call it the back. In the back, many caregivers have witnessed the same shadow figure in the same spot doing the same things. We hear conversations that are not happening, and we get doors slammed in our face when no one is up....definitely gets our hearts racing.

One of the most peculiar things about the back is the correlations between the residents and their visions. All of our verbal guys in the back have talked about the kids that were playing in their rooms with them...though maybe that is their Alzheimer's talking. They describe the kids in the same manner, about four or five of them, mostly boys, wanting to play a game. 

Of course, many residents with Alzheimer's will see visions of children because their confused minds are attempting to comfort them. To many older people, children bring them joy, and you will especially hear talks of small children when a resident nears the end of their life. 

One of the things we do to cut back on our ghost problems is open a window when someone passes to allow their soul to escape. I don't know if any other facilities have such superstitions but ours does.

As for Howard, he always hallucinates. It is usually pigs or chickens he sees, though.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Why I have white privelege

I grew up in this small, Caucasian majority town as a Caucasian, blond female born to a white supremacist man...but I never had any racist thoughts. I contribute much of my open mind to my cousins. Although my dad was extremely racist, he was never around. On the other hand, my cousins, who were all mostly People of Color,  were always around.

I grew up not knowing that racism existed and I, like many people out there, could have taken to the keyboard to blast that same message across the Internet. Then, one day when my adult cousin and I were at our local walmart, it happened...I witnessed racism in front of my face, for the first time. And I could no longer deny that racism was a very real thing in America.

We were standing in line in front of this young, white woman with her three little tote heads yanking things off the shelf aisle, my cousin holding her Jamaican/Hawaiian two year old while i stood next to her. My cousin and I were talking about this and that, and this woman suddenly turned to my cousin, and said 'your anchor baby will not keep you here when Trump becomes president.'

I was in shock, but after my anger simmered down, I felt a strong flood of confusion. My cousin had been by my side my entire life, we shared grandparents and camping trips. To me, my cousin was never any different than myself, we were the same. This was the first time in my life, at 21 years old, that I realized that my cousin had faced racism every day of her life because of her mocha late skin color and curly hair.

At 21 years old, I understood for the first time what white privilege was, and why I was so lucky to have it. White privilege is not the ability to get into good schools or grow up in better neighborhoods.  It was not how people looked at you for job interviews or not being afraid of police. White privilege is the ability to grow up without the knowledge that racism exist in America. It is growing up and living for 21 years before you witness racism for the first time.

I know that I cannot change people's minds about racism or the race war, but someday, someone you are close with might be hurt because of their race. And when that day comes, you will also understand white privilege.

Monday, August 21, 2017

My experience with boys...

So my family and I like to go to Six Flags Vallejo once a month since we have memberships and we try to go when the kids are in school. One of the reasons is the faster wait times, but also because highschool kids in particular can be rude and ruin the entire experience.

My sister and I were waiting in line to ride the Joker for the first time, and the line is always long. This group of boys ahead of us kept shuffling around and letting people cut in front of them, which is rude in itself. They kept looking over and staring at us, but I did not think anything of it.

One of the girls in their group suddenly turned to me and told me i was riding with her. Confused, I pointed at my sister to indicate that she was my usual partner in crime. I have social anxiety, so when random people talk to me, I either don't hear them or I completely loose my voice.

Later, my sister told me that they were arguing over who would have to sit next to me, because none of them wanted to. I felt a little embarrassed because while I know that I look like a potato, I don't usually think other people notice. 

On second thought, at least I make fifteen year old boys self aware!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Thai Hut

Living in a small, Caucasian majority town, you really don't get many options when it comes to food. People in redding tend to be less adventurous, sticking to the restaurants they no and love instead of trying out some of the great mom and pop shops that keep our town local.

My sister and i decided to be adventurous and thus began our quest to discover the tastes of Redding. Once a month, we would pick someplace new to eat and then go to the movies to watch whatever came into theater that week. Of curse, we alternated between who got to choose.

One specific week, when the Forest was in theaters, we decided to enter a place that caught both our eyes. I appreciated the small business feel of it, my sister just wanted to eat Curry. So, we entered the Thai Hutt off of hartnell avenue.

If you can get past the dingy, small appearing building on the older part of town, you will be welcome with friendly smiles. The waitress even told us how to order to get more with our money! The dining area is small with small tables, but redding is usually warm enough to eat in their outdoor dining area.

Now the menu, that was foreign to me. It was all in English, but never having Thai food before, I had no idea where to begin! I ended up ordering their wonton soup and yellow curry. Let me just say, their soup bowl can feed the whole family. Plus, it cane with spices and seasoning on the side to add to the soup! It was a fantastic experience.

I really recommend you try the best Thai food in Redding california! As for me....i will be headed to Thailand to try more of that Thai hospitality!

Friday, August 18, 2017

The 'problem' with millennials

One of my friends shared this on facebook and I found it to be both relevand and irrelevant. I feel as though marketers are finally switching from gen x advertisements to millenial advertisements...but they do not know where to start.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

They took my name!

If you did not know already, I am a caregiver for elderly who have been diagnosed with dementia. As a caregiver, I have learned many things. This job has given me so much passion and the opportunity to grow as an individual, I  am truly blessed by my residents and coworkers. I am not going to lie, it is not an easy job between the pinching, biting, and poop! But through it all I have learned patience, compassion, and acceptance.

On the white board at work, I write a comic every day depicting our lives or things I have learned about the grandmas and granpas at our establishment. Many of the residence enjoy the funny drawings and ask for them if I forget to do one. I decided to turn those comics into posts for all of you to see, as well.

One of the most relatable things all caregivers come accross with elderly who can't hear or remember is our loss of identity. We get called all sorts of names that don't make any of my residents even calls us all Filipino! If you are a care giver, what are some of the things you have come accross at work?

How I get paint on my lips....

I love art and originally started school for an art degree...until i realized how much better other people were. I still have confidence in my art and my ability to improve, but art school made me see that it is a hobby for me, not a life style.

I am definitely a messy artist...but the mess usually stays on myself. I love to paint but my paint brushes are not the best quality. One day, my mom interrupted me from my painting laughing. I had paint allover my mouth and she thought i looked like a kindergartner!

What are some of your hobbies?

I know spanish!

I once dated someone with completely opposing cultural differences. We were raised differently in everything from religion, education, food, and even language. I was a public school art student from a german family and he was born in ecuador and went to private school in San Francisco. Still, I really liked this guy and thought opposites would attract.

The real breaking point was his mother. I was brought up feminist and his mother was very stuck on having a domestic, hispanic, catholic daughter in law. That, and he would always comment on my weight. This happened a long time ago, so no hard feelings anymore. I had forgotten until i saw this in my archives!

On another note, I do love korean dramas and I learned that their language is not actually that hard.

Man's best friend!

Dog is mans best friend....a timeless saying that has held true for centuries! I will have to say, I am a dog person through and through. I have been exposed to different breeds of dogs my entire life,  there has not been a cat person in my family since my great grandpa who had a outside cat to catch mice.

I got my first dog when I was seventeen. We had family dogs before, but this dog was all mine to love and care for. We got her from a chicken farmer up in the mountains. She came from a litter of eight females, but she was the runt and the only unclaimed puppy they had. Still, I was glad to take her home despite my mom trying to convince me not to.

I named her Alice from my favorite classic novel after debating names like gemma or Clara, but Alice stuck. She also answers to Ally and Allygator. She is a herding breed mix of australian shepherd, border collie, and queensland healer. The unique xombination ended with her having cute spots all over an a nack for herding our other four dogs around the house.

I did not know how nice it is to have a dog sleep at your feet while you are up late at night writing blog until I got Alice. She always want to be around me and it is a comfort to know she will always be stuck to me like glue. She protests when I go to work and is happy when I get home. I would never trade her for any pure breed in the world!

Do you have a fur baby at home? What are their names?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

From my days in retail!

I worked at shopko for a few years, and we had lingo for everything! When a hanger was sticking out, it was called a scarecrow. Every night we had to shove all the scarecrows back into place.

I did this image with the paint app all computers come with...with a mouse. I wanted to originally do a comic strip blog so I have a few I'll think about posting. I drew them a while ago so many comics no longer correlate with my life right now.

Myths about millennials

Millennials have been recieving the blame for many things lately, from Obama's presidency to war with North Korea. Many of these accusations are a way for gen x and the baby boomer generation to turn the blame away from themselves. Thanks, baby boomers, for killing polar bears and enslaving wild animals for your zoo entertainment. Also, thanks mom and dad for the participation trophies you wanted me to have. The point is, there are many myths about millennials that just aren't true.

1)we are bad at math...and basically everything else. America's education system is not ranked lower because America is doing worse than other countries or generations previous, it is just that other countries are more innovative and advancing faster than America. As children, we did not get to choose our education since we were not old enough to vote so the stagnant education grades fall on the shoulders of those who were old enough. Also, if we are so much worse at math because of calculators, then how come my mom  and grandma can't do my homework even with a calculator?

2)millennials are too liberal and are the reason we had obama as a president. Or maybe, you guys are too racist? Obama was not a bad president, especially compared to the bush administration. Were his policies a little too social? Yes, but he was just trying to get America on the same page as the rest of the world. I guess liberal is the new word for nice? Also, half of the millennials i  america were not old enough to vote in 2008.

3) we are fame obsessed. Maybe we are, but mostly just for the money. The price of attending college is 300% more than it was when the baby boomers attended college. Jobs are harder to come by and housing is expensive. But pleas, keep telling us how easy it was for you to work back in the day when a burger was fifty cents.

4)millennials are staying home with their parents. Yes, but not for the reasons you might think. It is economically more stable to share housing in a time when the housing market is so expensive. I share a home with my mom but we split the bills 50/50. This way, we will own our home in a few years and honestly, my mom was always going to live with me after retirement anyway, so might as well start now. I also do my own laundry, cook our meals, and do other adult things.

5) they don't want kids or marriage. I mean, there are 97 million millennials in america right now, about 30 million more than there were baby boomers born. I think the world is better off if a few of us don't have kids. Also, so many millennials come from broken families since generation x had such a large divorce boom. That might affect our take on marriage and family.

Millenial grew up in a time of rapid technological advances, we have access to all information the world has to offer but we were not taught how to utilize it. We will take that information and pass it down to the next generation as well as our affinity for kindness and acceptance. You all once said that we were the future of the world, well the future is now and we already inherited it.

Applebees blames millennials?

It is the end of a dynasty as one more large franchise which gained popularity among generation x and the baby boomers starts to send it's farewells. This month, applebees announced that they will be closing 137 stores this year...and they are placing the blame on millennials!

Over the past three years, applebees has made it's leap from casual dining to modern bar and grill in order to channel a new, youthful demographic. The problem with applebees changeover is...they have no idea what the millennial demographic is or how to advertise to us. I was recently in one of these Applebee's revamped franchises and did not find it appealing at all.

So Applebee's, here are some things that I like about other places I go and why your restaurants aren't holding up to my expectations as a 20-something.
First off, most millennials are broke. Right when peak Millennials were entering the job market, the American economy took a hit, meaning millenials had to take under paid jobs they were over qualified for and were not able to put away enough savings or job experience for their future. I'm not deaf, I know many say it is because our generation likes to buy frivolous things and with online shopping (how we put department stores out), I can't disagree with that. Even so, I am on a eat out budget of $50 a month, meaning you have to compete with fast food and coffee shops as well for that money.

One of the most irritating things about your new establishments is how dim they are. Sure, dim lighting sets a calming atmosphere, but 20-somethings are not looking for a calm atmosphere. I much prever going to seat-yourself Denny's at 2am with their bright florescent lights to keep me awake and lively. Millennials can get loud, and dimmed lights make us feel like we have to keep quiet.

Millennials eat dinner much later than previous generation...and we replaced brunch with Dinfast. Dinfast lies between 11pm and 4 am, where we like to go out to eat after we get off work or after a football game. If you have a restaraunt in a town like mine, where everything closes at ten but we have 150k college students, then I reccoment staying open until at least 3am. 

Yes, you have a bar, which is cool...but there are many more fun places to drink, especially in a college town like mine. Millennial females would rather go to a drinking establishment that is crowded so they are more likely to get free drinks from guys. Basically, you are only selling booze to the midlifers that will likely drink just under the legal limit, go home, and go to sleep. You are wasting your money on booze.  Just stick with beer.

For your information, Applebees, chain restaurants are loosing out to hole in the wall mom and pop places with better quality and cheaper food. Millennials are known to suffer from wanderlust. So we revel in the opportunity to try authentic dishes and spices from other countries where the owner speaks broken english.And once we find a place we like, we will visit again and again until the waitress knows our names. Applebees is a cookie cutter eatery with declining food quality-don't deny it!

Applebees, the nuclear family is dead, The Economy took a hit, and the millennials are overqualified and underpaid. All we want is good, cheap food and a fun night out with friends. If you can't properly target the new generation, then you should not be in business. Stop putting the blame on us and admit where you went wrong.
Click here for referencing article!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I'm going on a trip!

I have some very exciting news! This October, I will have the opportunity to travel to South Korea...given that there is no war before then. Traveling is something I have always wanted to do, and I found it to be very affordable at $500 for the trip basics. 

I bought my tickets nearing the end of May, round trip from San Francisco to Incheon cost just $357! The best time to buy tickets in advace is 5 months before your trip and I have found that the cheapest flights will be found between August and early November or February to April. I am flying through China South airlines, which I have found are much more reasonably priced than Delta or Korea air. When you find a fantastic deal on international flights, you have to take the oportunity. If you wait just a day the ticket prices can jump from $30 to $400 more.

My stay for eight nights was just $80 because i opted to stay I a hostel in Iteawon. A hostel is similiar to a travel dorm room. The downside is that you have to share the facility and sleeping quarters with other people, so if you are not comfortable with this you may opt to stay elsewhere. On the upside, hostels give you the oportunity to meet people from all over the world, share iteneraries, and make new friends. I chose to stay in a hostel because I am a minimalist and because I would love to meet new people. Some hostels will give you the opportunity to work for them for free stay, as well.

One of the main reasons I am excited to visit Korea is to experience their nightlife and food. Comming from a small town, I am not exposed to much diversity. I am also a history and culture fanatix, and Korea has a number of historicak and cultural sights to visit, such as the DMZ, grand palaces, and royal tombs!

Advice to my younger self

We all have those things from our younger years we regret or those aspects of our personality we don't like. I am no exception, and lately, I have been thining hard on those trials. I did not have anyone to guide me through my adolescents and felt very on my own, so I decided to ake my younger self a list of advice. 

1)Please do all those things you are afraid to do. Go to that dance, says to that boy that asked you to the movies, try out for that sport.
2)Stop being o stubborn and take the easier class. Even if it is not advance placement, you will probably have more fun and not be so stressed.
3)Stop planning. Everything is about to change, anyway so stop planning when you will graduate college, where you will intern, how you will apply to this or that. Let things happen naturally.
4)Don’t push people away when real life hits you hard. When you are yourself again, those are the people you will miss the most.
5)When someone offers you help, take it. There are some things that comes free in life, like human kindness. You do not have to always be the one picking up after others. You need to be able to learn and grow too
6)You are not an adult yet, so stop trying to be
7)Learn to let grudges go, they are not the same person they were when they were seven and neither are you
8)Yes, the pain of your past does fade to nothingness and soon, you will only be able to see the present.
9)Ask for help in chemistry class. Never be afraid to ask for help
10)Don’t let go of your identity, because then you will loose sight of everything that is important to you

50 facts about me

1) my favorite book series is harry potter
2) my favorite movie is how to train your dragon
3) my kpop bias is gdragon…I tried to find a bias that is not so mainstream but the man just speaks to me
4) I actually like watching dramas from other countries, not just korean but also thai, Spanish, jdrama, Taiwanese, dramas from England etc
5) my favorite poem is Emily Dickinson I could not stop for death
6) I was raised by my grandparents for four years when I was in my early teens…sorry grandma
7) I hate seafood
8) I am a virgin
9) I also do not drink alcohol….it gives me heartburn
10) my favorite classic book is peter pan
11) I was dyslexic as a child but no one knew
12)my mom shaved my head when I was in first grade…I have pictures
13)I don’t like cucumbers
14) I have a eating disorder that causes me to over eat
15) I love Disney
16) pineapple tastes best on pizza but bbq sauce does not belong on pizza…or in my house
17) I have three dogs, but only one is actually my dog.
18)I am a night person, mornings make me cranky
19) Walmart is like the mall in my town
20) I still watch Disney channel
21) I write rap songs, but I am really bad at it
22) I have a cousin who is actually really good at singing, so shout out to him
23) I have three step moms…but only one is legal
24)and I have an aunt who has 10 kids
25) I won awards for poetry in grade school and have a few published.
26)i hate going to the doctors
27) needles make me hyperventilate
28) spiders make me hyperventilate, too
29) I do not have a religion
30) my first job was in a costume shop
31) my first kiss was during a game of truth or dare when I was 15
32) I was in drama club in middle school
33) all of my report cards past fourth grade said ‘she is smart, but she doesn’t apply herself’
34) I have two sisters and two brothers
35) I have never met one of my brothers
36) I suffer from chronic depression
37) my great grandparents grew avocados in southern California
38) I love the ocean
39) sour cream and cheddar are my favorite chips
40) I have a nail biting habit
41) I feel awkward when people don’t have recycling bins at their house…what do I do with my cans?
42) my siblings and I used to pretend we were dancing with the stars contestants
43) I was named after two of my grandmas
44) I don’t want to have kids, but I won’t say never
45) I don’t eat mayonnaise
46) I plan out ridiculous outfits for when I go to Disneyland.
47) if my grandma has to stop at Barnes and noble real quick, she won’t let me get out of the car
48) my mom confiscates my bank card before I go into a craft store
49) I have hair on my toes
50) I have not had shoes that needed to be tied in years.

21st century virgin

What is it like to be a 22 year old virgin?

So many people ask me ‘well, how does that happen?’ and that is a question that catches me off guard because, guys…it doesn’t. It is literally because nothing has happened. No serious relationships, no almost but I didn’t…nothing. I have lived in a 22 year dry spell of no love.  No, I am not going to preach about abstinence and religion. I don’t even have a religion! I just want to talk about what it is like to live in the twenty first century with no sex life and some of the most annoying things I come across.
Number one, friends. So, when you get out of high school and you have to make new friends, it becomes increasingly more difficult than before. At 22, a lot of women have children or are hooking up on tinder, so you become the awkward one in the room with nothing to contribute to the conversation. And when they do notice you are there, they have to point out that you re a virgin.
“oh yeah, this guy I was with last night had a really big ***”….”but you wouldn’t know what big is, would you”
Guys, I am a virgin, but I have snqpchat, too. I know what a *** looks like
Number 2…getting hit on. I don’t know why, but I must attract some pretty big idiots. When a guy hits me up on social media, they almost imediately put their foot in their mouth. One time, a guy started off the conversation with ‘I think we would make cute babies’. Some guys seem pretty normal until three messages in, when they will start telling you what they want to do to you…very explicitly. Some guys start off with a picture of their male anatomy. Very rarely do I find someone that is not awkwardly perverse.
Which brings me to my next biggie…I have no idea what I am doing. Where guys my age have already had several serious relationships, I am over here feeling like a potato. When do I insert into the conversation that I am a virgin? Or do I just not say anything. These are the big questions people! I mean, it isn’t like I plan on waiting until marriage!  If fact, I am pretty sure I am still a virgin because all those highschool abstinence classes scared the permiscuity right out of me with pictures of stds.
Number three is my family. All My grandparents have given up on me giving them great grandchildren…now they hound my younger sister.  Frankly, I think my grandma would be shocked if I ever brought someone over to meet her. My mom…she is a huge supporter of me staying single forever. So thanks, mom
Are any of you virgins? If so, what are some things you find annoying? What is your reason? I look forward to hearing from you!

I am not having kids...

I am a part of the growing number of millennials deciding that they do not want to have kids, which is oddly shocking to many people. I am constantly lectured by people I know and people I don’t know about the joy and need to bear children. One of the most cumbersome argument points centers around baby fever…and yes, baby fever is real. I will admit that I have had strong bouts of baby fever and guarantee I will catch it again in the future, but let’s be honest; baby fever is no reason to have a baby
Having a baby because you think they are cute in the moment is like taking home a puppy because someone was giving them away, you will regret it. I know it is taboo to say you regret having kids, my mom would never admit she regretted having me and my siblings, but I am sure I would have those mixed emotions entering motherhood. I regret agreeing to watch kids as soon as their parents leave the room!
Many also point out that I am young, and I agree. I won’t say never to having kids because no one knows how they will feel or what could happen in the future. Because I am young I enjoy my uninterrupted sleep, nights out, unplanned road trips, lazing about, and endless Netflix marathons. Once you have a child to look after, you have to share your dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets…and make food other than dinosaur nuggets. You can say goodbye to spontaneity unless it is spontaneously leaving the store with a sobbing toddler. And suddenly, you are being judged for your messy, single woman lifestyle…as 8f it is easy to change over night. The worst part of having kids is spending money you don’t have…minimum wage barely provides for me.
In the end, I hope everyone can understand that it is my decision and not some political stand on gender equality. The thought of having a child to look after terrifies me, but I have confidence that I would thrive if given the role.

That awkward prom night

I am going to tell you about my most awkward moment ever which I have never told anyone before.  More awkward than that time I peed my pants in kindergarten, because this awkward moment involved a boy…and it was more like an awkward day.
So I was in my senior year of high school and prom is coming up but I hated spending money unnecessarily and never went to school functions so I was going to sit it out. But about a week before prom, I got a message from this boy I had met once during a crazy long lost family member ordeal asking me to call him. So I dialed the number and he picks up and asks if I would go to prom with him. Mind you he was a jock guy from a neighboring school, so totally not my type. I don’t know if I really wanted to go to prom or if I did not want to hurt his feelings but I said yeah, sure. I think his mom and sister put him up to it, but it was cool.
I had a week to get a dress and told him the color of it was sea foam green because that was the label on it but it was more of a light teal color so he could go get a matching vest, which turned out to be green green so it did not match at all.
So this kid I did not really know at all pulls up to my house in the back of a really nice older car that his older sister was driving. We did the awkward picture thing and got in the car, which only had two doors and my dress was kind of short…plus I am fluffy so getting in and out of the back of that in heels was awkward.
Anyway, we went to take more pictures because his sister is a photographer…I have not seen any of these pictures three years later, by the way. And at one of the stops, I was getting back into the car and a layer of tulle from my dress got caught on the door and ripped. That was awkward part number three…awkward part number three happens at dinner
In my town there is a Chinese cuisine above the airport called jimmy chu’s room, a really nice place. We were sitting at our table surrounded by people staring at us because we were dressed for prom. I mean, when I told him I liked Chinese food….i was thinking there was not any fancy restaurant like that where we lived. I was wrong. Anyway, we are eating and I was super nervous and out of my comfort zone and somehow, a piece of broccoli flew from my plate. Startled, I accidentally dropped my fork and when I bent to pick it up, I fell to the floor and knocked my chair over and apparently the water spilled all over the table, too. I am still so embarrassed about that, it was like a bad scene in a movie. I looked at him and was like, this stays between us, he agreed. I don’t know if he actually kept his promise, but I am breaking it now, sorry dude.
And guys, I am not bashing on this guy or his family at all, I had fun and he was really sweet even though I was completely out of my comfort zone all night. I really appreciate those memories because now, they make a fun memory for me. No, we did not go out or kiss or anything like that, but it is hard to find a guy who knows as many Disney songs and he does.

The first time I lied to my mom

When I was in grade school, the teachers had a color card system. If you don’t know what a color card system is, it is kind of like green light, yellow lights, red light…and there was a blue so you got an extra light in there. I can’t remember what I did, but the teacher gave me a yellow card. Yellow cards were for minor offenses like talking during class or just a warning. At the end of the day, the teacher handed cards in the color that you got to take home to your mom.
I was so scared to go home and tell my mom I got a yellow card, just imagining her disappointment had my hands shaking the entire bus ride. I had a friend then…we will call him Jordan. Jordan and I were talking and I told him about how scared I was to go home. He laughed at me and asked why I didn’t just lie…I had never even thought about lying to my mom.  I was reluctant but Jordan handed me his green card and took my yellow. He told me that he always gets yellow cards and his mom did not check, anyway.
Jordan and I are still friends today. I mean, how do you not be friends with someone who is willing to take a beating from his mom for you? And, fyi guys, he is not a troublemaker anymore.
I walk through the door at home and immediately my mom askes what color card I got that day. I set my backpack down and told her green before going to my room. It literally took seconds for the guilt to set in and as fast as I closed my door, I reopened it and walked up to my mom with the saddest look I could muster and told her I lied. She was upset that I lied but glad I knew it was wrong of me. To this day, she does not know that Jordan put me up to it.


 Hello world! My name is Krista, and I am a 22 year old virgin. I am also a millennial and have come to embrace that. I feel like, as a millennial, I have some insight that may be helful or new to the world. I would like to share daily life style, book reviews, and tips I have learned growing up in the most scrutinized generation in America. I hope you can find posts that are relateble to you, but unless you are either a athiest virgin millennial living in a predominantly christian town then you probably won't.

Also, I have come to realize that being a virgin at my age with no religious affiliation is not only uncommon but also uncomfortable. To be honest, I have never been kissed, either! If you are like me, you have probably found that most guys put you in the friend zone once they find out, friends don’t take you to parties with them, your family begins to get comfortable with you being single forever, you travel alone and watch movies alone. I will use this blog as an opportunity to discuss some of the difficulties I have faced being a virgin in the 21st century,exploring my relationships, friendships, and family. I mean, the say sex sells…But what if your life is sexless?  I look forward to letting you all get to know me and my life.  For now, here is a little bit about myself:

Name: Krista
Occupation: caregiver
Education: some college
Number of relationships: 1
Siblings: 3
Hobbies: painting, reading
Animals: lots of dogs and fish
Favorite color: blue