Tuesday, August 15, 2017

50 facts about me

1) my favorite book series is harry potter
2) my favorite movie is how to train your dragon
3) my kpop bias is gdragon…I tried to find a bias that is not so mainstream but the man just speaks to me
4) I actually like watching dramas from other countries, not just korean but also thai, Spanish, jdrama, Taiwanese, dramas from England etc
5) my favorite poem is Emily Dickinson I could not stop for death
6) I was raised by my grandparents for four years when I was in my early teens…sorry grandma
7) I hate seafood
8) I am a virgin
9) I also do not drink alcohol….it gives me heartburn
10) my favorite classic book is peter pan
11) I was dyslexic as a child but no one knew
12)my mom shaved my head when I was in first grade…I have pictures
13)I don’t like cucumbers
14) I have a eating disorder that causes me to over eat
15) I love Disney
16) pineapple tastes best on pizza but bbq sauce does not belong on pizza…or in my house
17) I have three dogs, but only one is actually my dog.
18)I am a night person, mornings make me cranky
19) Walmart is like the mall in my town
20) I still watch Disney channel
21) I write rap songs, but I am really bad at it
22) I have a cousin who is actually really good at singing, so shout out to him
23) I have three step moms…but only one is legal
24)and I have an aunt who has 10 kids
25) I won awards for poetry in grade school and have a few published.
26)i hate going to the doctors
27) needles make me hyperventilate
28) spiders make me hyperventilate, too
29) I do not have a religion
30) my first job was in a costume shop
31) my first kiss was during a game of truth or dare when I was 15
32) I was in drama club in middle school
33) all of my report cards past fourth grade said ‘she is smart, but she doesn’t apply herself’
34) I have two sisters and two brothers
35) I have never met one of my brothers
36) I suffer from chronic depression
37) my great grandparents grew avocados in southern California
38) I love the ocean
39) sour cream and cheddar are my favorite chips
40) I have a nail biting habit
41) I feel awkward when people don’t have recycling bins at their house…what do I do with my cans?
42) my siblings and I used to pretend we were dancing with the stars contestants
43) I was named after two of my grandmas
44) I don’t want to have kids, but I won’t say never
45) I don’t eat mayonnaise
46) I plan out ridiculous outfits for when I go to Disneyland.
47) if my grandma has to stop at Barnes and noble real quick, she won’t let me get out of the car
48) my mom confiscates my bank card before I go into a craft store
49) I have hair on my toes
50) I have not had shoes that needed to be tied in years.

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