Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Advice to my younger self

We all have those things from our younger years we regret or those aspects of our personality we don't like. I am no exception, and lately, I have been thining hard on those trials. I did not have anyone to guide me through my adolescents and felt very on my own, so I decided to ake my younger self a list of advice. 

1)Please do all those things you are afraid to do. Go to that dance, says to that boy that asked you to the movies, try out for that sport.
2)Stop being o stubborn and take the easier class. Even if it is not advance placement, you will probably have more fun and not be so stressed.
3)Stop planning. Everything is about to change, anyway so stop planning when you will graduate college, where you will intern, how you will apply to this or that. Let things happen naturally.
4)Don’t push people away when real life hits you hard. When you are yourself again, those are the people you will miss the most.
5)When someone offers you help, take it. There are some things that comes free in life, like human kindness. You do not have to always be the one picking up after others. You need to be able to learn and grow too
6)You are not an adult yet, so stop trying to be
7)Learn to let grudges go, they are not the same person they were when they were seven and neither are you
8)Yes, the pain of your past does fade to nothingness and soon, you will only be able to see the present.
9)Ask for help in chemistry class. Never be afraid to ask for help
10)Don’t let go of your identity, because then you will loose sight of everything that is important to you

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