Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Applebees blames millennials?

It is the end of a dynasty as one more large franchise which gained popularity among generation x and the baby boomers starts to send it's farewells. This month, applebees announced that they will be closing 137 stores this year...and they are placing the blame on millennials!

Over the past three years, applebees has made it's leap from casual dining to modern bar and grill in order to channel a new, youthful demographic. The problem with applebees changeover is...they have no idea what the millennial demographic is or how to advertise to us. I was recently in one of these Applebee's revamped franchises and did not find it appealing at all.

So Applebee's, here are some things that I like about other places I go and why your restaurants aren't holding up to my expectations as a 20-something.
First off, most millennials are broke. Right when peak Millennials were entering the job market, the American economy took a hit, meaning millenials had to take under paid jobs they were over qualified for and were not able to put away enough savings or job experience for their future. I'm not deaf, I know many say it is because our generation likes to buy frivolous things and with online shopping (how we put department stores out), I can't disagree with that. Even so, I am on a eat out budget of $50 a month, meaning you have to compete with fast food and coffee shops as well for that money.

One of the most irritating things about your new establishments is how dim they are. Sure, dim lighting sets a calming atmosphere, but 20-somethings are not looking for a calm atmosphere. I much prever going to seat-yourself Denny's at 2am with their bright florescent lights to keep me awake and lively. Millennials can get loud, and dimmed lights make us feel like we have to keep quiet.

Millennials eat dinner much later than previous generation...and we replaced brunch with Dinfast. Dinfast lies between 11pm and 4 am, where we like to go out to eat after we get off work or after a football game. If you have a restaraunt in a town like mine, where everything closes at ten but we have 150k college students, then I reccoment staying open until at least 3am. 

Yes, you have a bar, which is cool...but there are many more fun places to drink, especially in a college town like mine. Millennial females would rather go to a drinking establishment that is crowded so they are more likely to get free drinks from guys. Basically, you are only selling booze to the midlifers that will likely drink just under the legal limit, go home, and go to sleep. You are wasting your money on booze.  Just stick with beer.

For your information, Applebees, chain restaurants are loosing out to hole in the wall mom and pop places with better quality and cheaper food. Millennials are known to suffer from wanderlust. So we revel in the opportunity to try authentic dishes and spices from other countries where the owner speaks broken english.And once we find a place we like, we will visit again and again until the waitress knows our names. Applebees is a cookie cutter eatery with declining food quality-don't deny it!

Applebees, the nuclear family is dead, The Economy took a hit, and the millennials are overqualified and underpaid. All we want is good, cheap food and a fun night out with friends. If you can't properly target the new generation, then you should not be in business. Stop putting the blame on us and admit where you went wrong.
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