Friday, August 25, 2017

Haunted Retirement Homes?

So, if you have ever worked a night shift in a care facility, you know they are haunted. At night, we hear footsteps, creaks, doors opening and closing, whistling, talking, and just general horror movie moments. Most of that is heightened when you remember how many grandmas and grandpas you have witnessed die in the building. 

One area in particular is very haunted at my facility, we call it the back. In the back, many caregivers have witnessed the same shadow figure in the same spot doing the same things. We hear conversations that are not happening, and we get doors slammed in our face when no one is up....definitely gets our hearts racing.

One of the most peculiar things about the back is the correlations between the residents and their visions. All of our verbal guys in the back have talked about the kids that were playing in their rooms with them...though maybe that is their Alzheimer's talking. They describe the kids in the same manner, about four or five of them, mostly boys, wanting to play a game. 

Of course, many residents with Alzheimer's will see visions of children because their confused minds are attempting to comfort them. To many older people, children bring them joy, and you will especially hear talks of small children when a resident nears the end of their life. 

One of the things we do to cut back on our ghost problems is open a window when someone passes to allow their soul to escape. I don't know if any other facilities have such superstitions but ours does.

As for Howard, he always hallucinates. It is usually pigs or chickens he sees, though.

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