Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I am not having kids...

I am a part of the growing number of millennials deciding that they do not want to have kids, which is oddly shocking to many people. I am constantly lectured by people I know and people I don’t know about the joy and need to bear children. One of the most cumbersome argument points centers around baby fever…and yes, baby fever is real. I will admit that I have had strong bouts of baby fever and guarantee I will catch it again in the future, but let’s be honest; baby fever is no reason to have a baby
Having a baby because you think they are cute in the moment is like taking home a puppy because someone was giving them away, you will regret it. I know it is taboo to say you regret having kids, my mom would never admit she regretted having me and my siblings, but I am sure I would have those mixed emotions entering motherhood. I regret agreeing to watch kids as soon as their parents leave the room!
Many also point out that I am young, and I agree. I won’t say never to having kids because no one knows how they will feel or what could happen in the future. Because I am young I enjoy my uninterrupted sleep, nights out, unplanned road trips, lazing about, and endless Netflix marathons. Once you have a child to look after, you have to share your dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets…and make food other than dinosaur nuggets. You can say goodbye to spontaneity unless it is spontaneously leaving the store with a sobbing toddler. And suddenly, you are being judged for your messy, single woman lifestyle…as 8f it is easy to change over night. The worst part of having kids is spending money you don’t have…minimum wage barely provides for me.
In the end, I hope everyone can understand that it is my decision and not some political stand on gender equality. The thought of having a child to look after terrifies me, but I have confidence that I would thrive if given the role.

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