Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Thai Hut

Living in a small, Caucasian majority town, you really don't get many options when it comes to food. People in redding tend to be less adventurous, sticking to the restaurants they no and love instead of trying out some of the great mom and pop shops that keep our town local.

My sister and i decided to be adventurous and thus began our quest to discover the tastes of Redding. Once a month, we would pick someplace new to eat and then go to the movies to watch whatever came into theater that week. Of curse, we alternated between who got to choose.

One specific week, when the Forest was in theaters, we decided to enter a place that caught both our eyes. I appreciated the small business feel of it, my sister just wanted to eat Curry. So, we entered the Thai Hutt off of hartnell avenue.

If you can get past the dingy, small appearing building on the older part of town, you will be welcome with friendly smiles. The waitress even told us how to order to get more with our money! The dining area is small with small tables, but redding is usually warm enough to eat in their outdoor dining area.

Now the menu, that was foreign to me. It was all in English, but never having Thai food before, I had no idea where to begin! I ended up ordering their wonton soup and yellow curry. Let me just say, their soup bowl can feed the whole family. Plus, it cane with spices and seasoning on the side to add to the soup! It was a fantastic experience.

I really recommend you try the best Thai food in Redding california! As for me....i will be headed to Thailand to try more of that Thai hospitality!

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