Thursday, August 17, 2017

Man's best friend!

Dog is mans best friend....a timeless saying that has held true for centuries! I will have to say, I am a dog person through and through. I have been exposed to different breeds of dogs my entire life,  there has not been a cat person in my family since my great grandpa who had a outside cat to catch mice.

I got my first dog when I was seventeen. We had family dogs before, but this dog was all mine to love and care for. We got her from a chicken farmer up in the mountains. She came from a litter of eight females, but she was the runt and the only unclaimed puppy they had. Still, I was glad to take her home despite my mom trying to convince me not to.

I named her Alice from my favorite classic novel after debating names like gemma or Clara, but Alice stuck. She also answers to Ally and Allygator. She is a herding breed mix of australian shepherd, border collie, and queensland healer. The unique xombination ended with her having cute spots all over an a nack for herding our other four dogs around the house.

I did not know how nice it is to have a dog sleep at your feet while you are up late at night writing blog until I got Alice. She always want to be around me and it is a comfort to know she will always be stuck to me like glue. She protests when I go to work and is happy when I get home. I would never trade her for any pure breed in the world!

Do you have a fur baby at home? What are their names?

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