Monday, August 21, 2017

My experience with boys...

So my family and I like to go to Six Flags Vallejo once a month since we have memberships and we try to go when the kids are in school. One of the reasons is the faster wait times, but also because highschool kids in particular can be rude and ruin the entire experience.

My sister and I were waiting in line to ride the Joker for the first time, and the line is always long. This group of boys ahead of us kept shuffling around and letting people cut in front of them, which is rude in itself. They kept looking over and staring at us, but I did not think anything of it.

One of the girls in their group suddenly turned to me and told me i was riding with her. Confused, I pointed at my sister to indicate that she was my usual partner in crime. I have social anxiety, so when random people talk to me, I either don't hear them or I completely loose my voice.

Later, my sister told me that they were arguing over who would have to sit next to me, because none of them wanted to. I felt a little embarrassed because while I know that I look like a potato, I don't usually think other people notice. 

On second thought, at least I make fifteen year old boys self aware!

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