Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Myths about millennials

Millennials have been recieving the blame for many things lately, from Obama's presidency to war with North Korea. Many of these accusations are a way for gen x and the baby boomer generation to turn the blame away from themselves. Thanks, baby boomers, for killing polar bears and enslaving wild animals for your zoo entertainment. Also, thanks mom and dad for the participation trophies you wanted me to have. The point is, there are many myths about millennials that just aren't true.

1)we are bad at math...and basically everything else. America's education system is not ranked lower because America is doing worse than other countries or generations previous, it is just that other countries are more innovative and advancing faster than America. As children, we did not get to choose our education since we were not old enough to vote so the stagnant education grades fall on the shoulders of those who were old enough. Also, if we are so much worse at math because of calculators, then how come my mom  and grandma can't do my homework even with a calculator?

2)millennials are too liberal and are the reason we had obama as a president. Or maybe, you guys are too racist? Obama was not a bad president, especially compared to the bush administration. Were his policies a little too social? Yes, but he was just trying to get America on the same page as the rest of the world. I guess liberal is the new word for nice? Also, half of the millennials i  america were not old enough to vote in 2008.

3) we are fame obsessed. Maybe we are, but mostly just for the money. The price of attending college is 300% more than it was when the baby boomers attended college. Jobs are harder to come by and housing is expensive. But pleas, keep telling us how easy it was for you to work back in the day when a burger was fifty cents.

4)millennials are staying home with their parents. Yes, but not for the reasons you might think. It is economically more stable to share housing in a time when the housing market is so expensive. I share a home with my mom but we split the bills 50/50. This way, we will own our home in a few years and honestly, my mom was always going to live with me after retirement anyway, so might as well start now. I also do my own laundry, cook our meals, and do other adult things.

5) they don't want kids or marriage. I mean, there are 97 million millennials in america right now, about 30 million more than there were baby boomers born. I think the world is better off if a few of us don't have kids. Also, so many millennials come from broken families since generation x had such a large divorce boom. That might affect our take on marriage and family.

Millenial grew up in a time of rapid technological advances, we have access to all information the world has to offer but we were not taught how to utilize it. We will take that information and pass it down to the next generation as well as our affinity for kindness and acceptance. You all once said that we were the future of the world, well the future is now and we already inherited it.

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