Tuesday, August 15, 2017

That awkward prom night

I am going to tell you about my most awkward moment ever which I have never told anyone before.  More awkward than that time I peed my pants in kindergarten, because this awkward moment involved a boy…and it was more like an awkward day.
So I was in my senior year of high school and prom is coming up but I hated spending money unnecessarily and never went to school functions so I was going to sit it out. But about a week before prom, I got a message from this boy I had met once during a crazy long lost family member ordeal asking me to call him. So I dialed the number and he picks up and asks if I would go to prom with him. Mind you he was a jock guy from a neighboring school, so totally not my type. I don’t know if I really wanted to go to prom or if I did not want to hurt his feelings but I said yeah, sure. I think his mom and sister put him up to it, but it was cool.
I had a week to get a dress and told him the color of it was sea foam green because that was the label on it but it was more of a light teal color so he could go get a matching vest, which turned out to be green green so it did not match at all.
So this kid I did not really know at all pulls up to my house in the back of a really nice older car that his older sister was driving. We did the awkward picture thing and got in the car, which only had two doors and my dress was kind of short…plus I am fluffy so getting in and out of the back of that in heels was awkward.
Anyway, we went to take more pictures because his sister is a photographer…I have not seen any of these pictures three years later, by the way. And at one of the stops, I was getting back into the car and a layer of tulle from my dress got caught on the door and ripped. That was awkward part number three…awkward part number three happens at dinner
In my town there is a Chinese cuisine above the airport called jimmy chu’s room, a really nice place. We were sitting at our table surrounded by people staring at us because we were dressed for prom. I mean, when I told him I liked Chinese food….i was thinking there was not any fancy restaurant like that where we lived. I was wrong. Anyway, we are eating and I was super nervous and out of my comfort zone and somehow, a piece of broccoli flew from my plate. Startled, I accidentally dropped my fork and when I bent to pick it up, I fell to the floor and knocked my chair over and apparently the water spilled all over the table, too. I am still so embarrassed about that, it was like a bad scene in a movie. I looked at him and was like, this stays between us, he agreed. I don’t know if he actually kept his promise, but I am breaking it now, sorry dude.
And guys, I am not bashing on this guy or his family at all, I had fun and he was really sweet even though I was completely out of my comfort zone all night. I really appreciate those memories because now, they make a fun memory for me. No, we did not go out or kiss or anything like that, but it is hard to find a guy who knows as many Disney songs and he does.

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