Monday, August 28, 2017

The best place on earth!

When I find myself near the ocean, I just need to see it! As we are driving down to San Francisco, about half an hour away, I can smell the salty, sweet, misty scent of the ocean. The air changes, it gets cooler and more humid and it makes my hairs raise in anticipation of feeling the salty mist that the northern coast is familiar with. The ocean screams home to me...even if I have never lives near it!

In fact, I have to drive three and a half hours or more to discover the nearest coast line to of the downsides living between so many mountain ranges. I am lucky if I am able to get to the sandy shores once a year.

My mom often jokes that my blood is some portion of salt water, or that I must have been a fish in my past. Even when I was a child with no knowledge of geological location and no water in sight, I would start complaining when I smelled that scent on a road trip. I would beg to put my family trip down to southern California aside just to feel the water at my feet. My obsession with the ocean just got stronger as I got older.

I did no know how odd my connection with the beach was until yesterday, when i went with my cousin on a trip to San Francisco. We stopped at a rest stop in Vallejo California and I asked her if she could smell the ocean near by. She was very confused as I tried to explain to her the scent and feel. She smelled nothing. So, I decided that the only way to show her what I meant was to take a detour to the bay.

We stopped in Richmond California, at a well known spot at Richmond point known for its abandoned rail ferry and fishing pier. The pier allowed people to fish without a licence, which was pretty neat! All the men on the pier fishing were also very kind and informative, teaching the kids about bait, halibut and small crabs they tossed back into the bay. Unfortunately, fish from Richmond harbor should not be eaten due to toxic levels of mercury.

All in all, my cousin still thinks I am crazy, but we found a great place to picnic on our trips to discover kingdom! The park was full of lush green grass with bathrooms and water fountain accommodations. Also, you get to take in the sweet smell of the ocean!

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