Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The first time I lied to my mom

When I was in grade school, the teachers had a color card system. If you don’t know what a color card system is, it is kind of like green light, yellow lights, red light…and there was a blue so you got an extra light in there. I can’t remember what I did, but the teacher gave me a yellow card. Yellow cards were for minor offenses like talking during class or just a warning. At the end of the day, the teacher handed cards in the color that you got to take home to your mom.
I was so scared to go home and tell my mom I got a yellow card, just imagining her disappointment had my hands shaking the entire bus ride. I had a friend then…we will call him Jordan. Jordan and I were talking and I told him about how scared I was to go home. He laughed at me and asked why I didn’t just lie…I had never even thought about lying to my mom.  I was reluctant but Jordan handed me his green card and took my yellow. He told me that he always gets yellow cards and his mom did not check, anyway.
Jordan and I are still friends today. I mean, how do you not be friends with someone who is willing to take a beating from his mom for you? And, fyi guys, he is not a troublemaker anymore.
I walk through the door at home and immediately my mom askes what color card I got that day. I set my backpack down and told her green before going to my room. It literally took seconds for the guilt to set in and as fast as I closed my door, I reopened it and walked up to my mom with the saddest look I could muster and told her I lied. She was upset that I lied but glad I knew it was wrong of me. To this day, she does not know that Jordan put me up to it.

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