Monday, January 29, 2018


My family often takes in rescue dogs, and we have four pups that we have adopted. Recently, our nine year old chihuahua has been pooping in the house even though the door is always open for her to go outside. When I talked to my grandma about the problem, she said throw the poop out with the dog. For some reason, it made me laugh as I pictured a dog being thrown out with poop. Keep on mind my grandma was once a show dog trainer, so I have no clue if she is serious or not? Do you have any solutions to get my pup to stop pooping in the house? 

Friday, January 26, 2018

I have a super power!

I get sick like everyone else, but no one really thinks I do. That is because I have a superpower. For reference, here is how I look when I get sick.
I will laze about and complain all day with my nose running and my eyes watering. I will think about calling into work about ten times...but I never do.

My secret is that I have a switch on the back of my neck, mich like a light switch. In home mode, I am unable to do the most basic of tasks such as change out of my pajamas or make food.

 But in work mode...

I am blessed to have this magical ability, especially during this flu season. However, it also means that I have been pulling alot of overtimes. With how bad the flu season is, I hope you are all taking the necessary precaution and are staying healthy! 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

I love Korean Drama!

Me watching television...

I love watching korean dramas, but they make me yell at my T.V alot. Alot of the time, the guy or girl is refraining from falling in love and so they end up hurting eachother so I get really mad at them but then they finally get together and I want to scream TOUCHDOWN! k-dramas are like football.

Sorry that I have not posted in a whike, I had writers block after my trip to korea. I hope to be better in the comming year!