Friday, January 26, 2018

I have a super power!

I get sick like everyone else, but no one really thinks I do. That is because I have a superpower. For reference, here is how I look when I get sick.
I will laze about and complain all day with my nose running and my eyes watering. I will think about calling into work about ten times...but I never do.

My secret is that I have a switch on the back of my neck, mich like a light switch. In home mode, I am unable to do the most basic of tasks such as change out of my pajamas or make food.

 But in work mode...

I am blessed to have this magical ability, especially during this flu season. However, it also means that I have been pulling alot of overtimes. With how bad the flu season is, I hope you are all taking the necessary precaution and are staying healthy! 

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