Sunday, February 4, 2018

Granpa's house, Grandpa's rules.

Ok, Don't get all bunched up about this. My sister will be twenty-one later this year and my grandparents, being german, has allowed us to drink soft liquers such as wine and beer since we were 16 because it is not illegal in Germany.  My ancestors to my present day relatives who still reside in Detmoldt have always been beer brewers. We were taught to be responsible drinkers and don't ever drink until we are drunk nor do we drink and drive. 

In any case, today was the superbown, and every year we celebrate the end of the season and the big game with my papa. Holidays and all reasons to celebrate are a big deal in my family as my grandparents like to use any excuse to gather their family together. I always go for te food, because I am a major foodie. 

Every year my granma makes this Spinach dip that is to die for. It has artechoke heart, spinach, sour cream, mayonaise, and cheese....anything with cheese is good, right? I linked the recipe above i  case you want to try it for yourself. Hope you all had a fun and safe superbowl this year!

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