Thursday, February 1, 2018

Study Bug

In case anyone was wondering how my semester was going, there was a spider in my math book. I had a pencil in the book to hold my place and when I opened the book the study for a test, a spider came flying out at me! He must have crawled into the tiny space in the middle of the night. I ran away and made my sister take care of it before resuming my studies.

I am trying to be extra studious this semester because I am trying to get into a school in south Korea. If I raise my GPA just a bit, I could qualify for a full scholarship! Right now, my major is global business. I don't really care what job I end up getting, as long as it lets me travel and make a decent living.

 To be honest, I have been taking an interest in global marketing. It is fascinating how many different ways there are to market a product and how much work goes into things like sales, events, and advertisements. I am learning alot this year!

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