Wednesday, March 13, 2019

I got my first boyfriend

Hey guys! I know I have been absent as of late but I have been going through some pretty exciting transitions and on some great big adventures which I am now ready to share with all of you! not that many people read my little blog here in the corner of the internet anyway.

Back in August of 2019 I reconnected with a boy from my middle school. I was in a really good mental space and he needed a bit of uplifting which I was more than happy to provide. for those of you who do not know, I suffer from chronic depression and it can be really hard. luckily I have been depression free for three years and I have never loved life or myself more than in this particular moment.

Anyway, one thing lead to another and now I get to date one of my first crushes as a little girl...which makes for one very cute love story. however I was very apprehensive at first and it had nothing to do with him being my first boyfriend or being a virgin or anything like that. our relationship has been pretty smooth but when you write it down on paper it has the tendency to sound ill conceived and complicated. let me tell you why.

I'm gonna rewind back to 2014. I had just graduated high school and a few girls were getting married over the summer, one particular girl was getting married to my now boyfriend. they had been together for about two years at this point and coming from a small town it is not uncommon to marry right out of high school. now I never spoke to this girl and besides a few times in Middle school my and my boyfriend barely made any contact or spoke in high school so of course I did not go to the weeding.

fast forward a bit and he and his wife had moved to Ohio. of course I followed him on Facebook, but I want to clarify that at this point I had not had a crush on him since I was 14 years old! my Facebook browsing was simply out of curiosity for old schoolmate and also life in Ohio as I had been in California my entire life and know nothing else. So in 2015 they moved to Ohio and in 2018 they had their son who was just the cutest little thing.

now let's fast forward to present because I really don't want to get into the logistics of thei move back to California or their eventual split up out of privacy and respect. stuff happened and we started to go out...but I was very apprehensive because the idea of getting tangled up in his life and family home was just daunting to say the least but I couldn't be happier with my decision and that is all that matters.

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